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    Green Eye Environment Co., Ltd. (GREE) exclusively distributes KWI's built-in flocculation equipment, settling, and filtration of KWI water treatment in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia markets. KWI Group is one of the pioneers in MDAF technology in the world established in 1949 by Dr. Milos Krofta. Currently, KWI has more than 17 global branches and more than 4700 systems that have been successfully applied in over 77 countries.

    KWI projects that have been successfully implemented in Vietnam include: Watten Vietnam paper factory with a capacity of 2400 m3/day, Vina Kraft Bình Dương paper factory with a capacity of 13000 m3/day, NTPM Vietnam paper factory with a capacity of 3800 m3/day, Nam Bình Dương solid waste treatment complex with a capacity of 480 m3/day, and Thu Trọng seafood factory with a capacity of 400 m3/day.

    GREE would like to introduce,

    The processing of COD, Phosphorus, TSS, Grease targets achieves 100% efficiency... Thoroughness in food wastewater is always a matter of concern to investors and environmental companies. Only through 1 GREE device meets the requirements with a performance of up to 99%, reasonable investment costs.

    GREE is the exclusive subsidiary of KWI Group (Austria) with more than 4700 systems across 77 countries globally distributing exclusively integrated equipment for flocculation, sedimentation, and filtration.

    The group's successful world-based food wastewater treatment projects include: Iowa Beef Food Factory (USA) with a capacity of 14,112 m3/day, Omsky Bekon Food Factory (Russia) with a capacity of 9,000 m3/day, Singsong Industrial Co., Ltd. (Korea) with a capacity of 7,488 m3/day. Nipponhan Food Processing Corporation (Japan) has a capacity of 4320 m3/day, Brakebush Brothers Group (USA) has a capacity of 1440 m3/day. In Vietnam, GREE's MNC equipment alone brings success to wastewater treatment at Vietnam's largest food group in the licorice noodle processing industry because of its outstanding treatment efficiency: Removing up to 100% of grease in wastewater

    COD processing efficiency up to 91%, TSS 95%, Phosphorus 94%. Contributing to the output of standard B, QCVN 40 - 2011 / BTNMT after only 1 device

    The total investment competes with traditional technology in the country. Operating the system 2200m3/day is simple with just 1 worker.

    Chemicals are put directly into the pipe. There is no need for a stirring tank for flocculation like other products.

    GREE wastewater treatment equipment saves area because the water flow time is only 8 minutes lower than 15-38 times lower than traditional technology with a water storage time of 2-5h.

    Flexible in transportation and installation, easy to change the functionality of the equipment.

    Figure 1: Supercell SPC6 equipment separates grease, treats wastewater without chemicals at the largest food factory in Vietnam. The grease is very thick and thick and evenly floats to the surface

    Figure 2: Sludge obtained, water input, output only through KWI equipment

    Customers who are interested or in need of an advanced water treatment technology, saving operating cost, efficiency, reducing investment costs for their projects:


    Address: 130 Nguyễn Công Trứ, P. Nguyễn Thái Bình, Q.1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

    Phone: (028)38279706 – 0981687909

    Email: kinhdoanh@gree-vn.com
    Website: http://www.gree-vn.com/cong-nghe-xu-ly-nuoc-thai-gree

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KWI.Vietnam

    See more about KWI Environmental Company's Wastewater Treatment Technology

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