Guide To Choose Value Odds at Bookmaker in Football Betting


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    Select odds is a familiar concept in the world of football betting. It's one of the common bet types used by experienced players to increase their chances of winning. Let's delve deeper into this type of betting through this article by Wintips.

    Introduction to select odds
    Select odds in football betting involve players assessing one or more favorable odds that suit them best to achieve the highest rewards. This type of betting boasts high winning rates, attracting a large number of bettors.
    While bettors have the freedom to choose this type of odds when engaging in football betting, not everyone can effectively make the right selections. Understanding, analyzing, and accurately choosing odds with high winning probabilities is crucial.
    Additionally, bettors need to know today football tips and prediction to play among the various options provided by football betting houses. To achieve this, basic knowledge of the rules of online football betting is essential. Moreover, players need to stay vigilant against tempting odds offered by Bookmaker to avoid unnecessary losses.

    How much can you win with select odds at football betting houses?
    The potential winnings with select odds vary based on different types of betting options. With this type of odds, players can choose from two forms of betting:
    Asian Handicap Odds
    Bettors can select handicap odds to place bets at online football betting houses. The odds table provided by these houses offers corresponding betting rates for each selected odd. When engaging in Handicap odds, bettors have the option to choose odds of 1, ¾, or ½, etc.
    The amount a player wins depends on the capital invested. For instance, if a player selects a 1 ¼ handicap in a match between Real Madrid and Chelsea in the Champions League quarter-finals, where Real Madrid has the home advantage and is favored, while Chelsea is the underdog.
    The betting rates offered by the betting house for Real Madrid are 0.98, and for Chelsea, they are 1.03. Suppose you bet 100,000 VND on Real Madrid to win. The potential outcomes could be:
    If Real Madrid wins by a margin of 2 goals or more, you win the bet. The winnings from this bet would be 100,000 * 0.98 = 98,000 VND.
    If Real Madrid beats Chelsea with just a single goal, you lose half of your bet, which is 50,000 VND.
    If the match ends in a draw or Chelsea wins, you lose the entire 100,000 VND to the betting house.
    European Handicap Odds
    Apart from Handicap odds, players can also engage in this type of betting using the 1X2 betting method. It's a straightforward betting rule where bettors pick one of three outcomes: win, draw, or lose. For instance, in a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, the offered betting rates are:
    Real Madrid, the home team, has a rate of 1.05.
    Barcelona, the away team, has a rate of 1.28.
    A draw has a rate of 2.03.
    If you bet 100,000 VND on Real Madrid to win and they emerge victorious, you receive 105,000 VND. Betting on Barcelona to win and being accurate would yield 128,000 VND. If the match ends in a draw, the player would receive 203,000 VND.
    Remember, when engaging in European Handicap odds, the match's outcome must align with the player's bet selection. Players lose their entire bet if the match concludes differently from their chosen betting option.

    Secrets to Always Winning Bet Selections
    In order for players to easily win in this type of betting, Wintips shares the football tips site
    Choose a reputable bookmaker
    The first thing when players start participating in football betting is to choose a reputable betting agency in the market. This helps you to place your trust and bet comfortably without worrying about being deceived. Moreover, the types of bets that the bookmakers offer must have a variety of options for the selection of bets to achieve effectiveness in bet selections.
    On forums related to football betting, many experienced players recommend trustworthy bookmakers as the most reliable addresses for betting in the current market.
    Select the match wisely
    Similar to all other types of football bets, bettors should choose leagues they are knowledgeable about when participating in this type of bet. The team's performance, head-to-head history, position in the standings, and more are essential factors that bettors must thoroughly research before placing a bet.
    Place bets at the right time
    Approximately 5-7 hours before the match starts is when bookmakers release the bet selections. Bettors need to grasp and observe the odds displayed on the betting board to see which bets are being chosen the most. However, it's not advisable to fully rely on these odds; instead, use them to reference the analyses you've made earlier to place bets.
    Note: Players should avoid placing bets in the last minutes to avoid falling for bookmakers' tricks in balancing the odds.
    Base selections on fluctuations
    Normally, bookmakers will continuously make minor adjustments throughout the match. For example, if a bettor notices a fluctuation in the odds from ¾ to 0, they should quickly place a bet on the underdog to increase the chances of winning.

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    Hopefully, the information shared by Wintips will help players better understand bet selections in football betting. Wishing all bettors good luck and alertness in their own choices.

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