How do Asian Handicap and European Handicap differ?


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    How do Asian Handicap and European Handicap differ?

    You might have heard one or two things about betting odds. Betting can be used in most sports events but mainly in global sports such as football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and even tennis. Join us in betting site comparison two bookmaker in this article!


    Although handicap betting is one of the most popular types of markets in sports betting, many bettors still do not understand them well. In fact, there are two main types of bets: European and Asian handicaps.

    So, if you are one of those who believe they can make good profits from them and want to learn more, here's a quick guide to help you understand more about this market.

    What is European Handicap?

    More commonly known as 3-way handicap betting. European Handicap is similar to Asian Handicap but easier to participate in. A match, or a 'penalty' for the stronger team.

    These points are added or subtracted before the event starts. Your bet wins or loses after the final outcome of the event is adjusted based on the handicap you placed.

    However, unlike in the Asian Handicap market, where there is no draw, this type of betting bookmaker free bet offers three potential betting options – win, draw, and lose, hence why it's called three-way handicap.

    European Handicap betting also uses whole numbers opposite to the decimal numbers used in Asian Handicap betting. Moreover, it also functions similarly to 1X2 betting.

    Here's an example to help you understand the concept better.

    Manchester City is playing at home against Watford and the likelihood of winning the match is 100%. The European Handicap will favor the underdog, which in this case is Watford, with a number of goals that Manchester City must overcome in order to be considered the winner.

    Regardless of the final result of the match, if the handicap is set at 3 goals, Manchester City will only be considered the winning team if they win by more than 3 goals.

    Therefore, betting on Watford will win even if they lose by fewer than three goals. The match will be considered a draw if Manchester City wins by exactly 3 goals.

    What is Asian Handicap?

    The Asian handicap betting market is perfect if you prefer something less common than 1X2.

    In summary, Asian handicap involves giving the stronger team a handicap in goals, and the weaker team a higher number of goals. So, to win the bet, you have to back the team with fewer points, considering the handicap or their corresponding advantage.

    The goal of the Asian Handicap is to ensure that a match does not end in a draw. Therefore, by eliminating the chance of a draw, you will only have two choices: bet on the home team or the away team.

    So, for example:

    Suppose you bet £1000 on the weaker team, where Team A is the weaker home team with an Asian Handicap of 0.75 and Team B is the stronger away team. Odds = 1.90

    To win the bet placed for Team A, they must win or at least finish the match with a draw. Conversely, if Team A loses by more than two goals, you will lose your bet.

    Conversely, if you bet on Team B, they will receive a handicap of -0.75 goals. Therefore, to win the bet, Team B must win by at least two goals. If they win by one goal (0-1, 1-2, or 2-3), you will only win half of your bet amount. Furthermore, if the match ends in a draw or Team A wins, you will lose.

    Handicap can vary between 1/4 ball (0.75 and 0.25), half ball (0.5), and whole balls (1, 2, etc.), with the whole ball handicap (sometimes goal handicap) being the most common.

    Now, while Asian Handicap might sound more complex, it actually simplifies things by ensuring a winner due to the handicap. Moreover, the Asian Handicap betting market is also known for having lower discrepancies and better odds compared to European Handicap betting.

    The Difference between European and Asian Handicap

    Although the two handicap betting markets may seem similar, their differences can be classified into three parts: representation, number variations, and match outcomes. We will discuss each issue further below.


    One of the main differences between these two types of handicap bet at home bookmaker is how they use different symbols to represent.

    In Asian Handicap betting, it focuses on the skills of a specific team, so it uses combined symbols like ‘-1.5’ and/or ‘+1.5’ to add or subtract for stronger and/or weaker teams.

    Meanwhile, because European handicap betting provides a draw and is determined more by relative likelihoods, it uses ratios such as ‘0:1’.

    Number Variations

    Another difference to help distinguish these two is in how they use number variations.

    As mentioned above, Asian Handicap betting has various types, including quarter balls, half balls, and whole balls, contrasting with European Handicap betting, which only uses whole number variations.

    Match Outcome

    Finally, and most importantly, the main difference between these two is their corresponding match outcomes.

    In Asian Handicap, there are only two possible outcomes – leading to the home team or the away team. Meanwhile, in European Handicap, there are 3 possible outcomes to choose from. Bettors can choose between betting on the home team, the away team, or a draw.

    European Handicap vs. Asian Handicap: Which is Better?

    While some bettors are more familiar with European Handicap, Asian Handicap has become more popular because you only have to consider two choices. However, when deciding which one to use, it all depends on what suits you best and where you will get a higher profit.

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