What is the Asian handicap odds? Tips for winning Asian handicap bets.


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    The Asian handicap, also known as the 1×2 handicap, is a popular type of bet favored by many people. Therefore, understanding how to analyze and read Asian handicap odds has gained a lot of attention from players. So what are the Asian handicap odds? And what is the most effective way to play Asian handicap bets? The following article by Soi Keo Tot will help answer your questions.

    What are Asian handicap odds?

    Asian handicap odds, or the 1×2 handicap, is a form of betting used to determine which team is stronger and which team is weaker. Most bookmakers today allow players to participate in Asian handicap bets. However, to participate in this type of bet, players need to have skills and a thorough understanding of it.

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    Usually, the Asian handicap odds only have 2 possible outcomes: Win - Lose - Draw. Players can choose to bet on the team they want. However, it is best for players to have a good understanding of the match they are betting on and the attractive odds. The weakness of this type of bet is that Asian handicap odds are not as diverse as Asian handicap bets.

    How to read Asian handicap odds easily

    Reading Asian handicap odds is also very simple, players just need to understand the symbols on the bookmaker's odds board.

    The Asian handicap is denoted as 1×2. In which:

    1: Symbol for the home team. If the home team wins, you will win the bet placed on this outcome.

    X: Symbol for a draw. If the match ends in a draw, you will win the bet placed on this outcome.

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    2: Symbol for the away team. If you bet on the away team to win the match, you will win the bet placed on this outcome.

    Currently, there are two popular types of Asian handicap bets:

    FT.1X2: 1×2 Asian handicap for the entire match.

    1H.1X2: 1×2 Asian handicap for the first half.

    When participating in Asian handicap bets, there will only be 3 odds available for players. Therefore, the chance of winning your bet will be 33.33%. This is a relatively high and stable winning rate for newcomers to betting. Even when betting on other types of bets, the winning rate may not be as high as Asian handicap bets.

    For experienced players who already have betting tips but have not collected much information, choosing to participate in Asian handicap bets is the most reasonable option. The Asian handicap odds are less complicated for newcomers to make their choices.

    Experience playing Asian handicap bets in soccer with guaranteed wins

    The following tips for playing Asian handicap bets in soccer, shared by Soi Keo Tot, will bring victory to the players. Let's take a look.

    The bookmaker will offer high odds for the weaker team, enticing players to bet on the underdog. This is considered a baiting strategy by the bookmaker to maximize their profits.


    Winning bets placed on the underdog can yield significant returns. Placing bets on the favorite team can also result in substantial profits. However, winning in both scenarios is not easy for the players.

    It is advisable for players to place bets 3-5 days before the match starts. During this time, the bookmaker is less likely to adjust the Asian handicap odds. Only closer to the match day will the bookmaker continuously adjust the odds.

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    Players can place multiple bets simultaneously instead of relying on intuition and placing bets on a single outcome. Placing bets on a single outcome can make players fall into the bookmaker's trap when the match involves two evenly matched teams.

    It is strongly recommended not to choose bets based on personal intuition. Players can rely on accurate predictions provided by experts. Therefore, it is essential to be rational when selecting bets.

    Do not rely on public opinion when placing bets, as it can lead to falling into traps when the information is incorrect. Players should thoroughly research the teams' performance, players, and venue before placing Asian handicap bets.

    Direct knockout matches or matches that determine the championship will have different dynamics compared to friendly matches or ceremonial matches. However, it is crucial to observe carefully before participating in betting. Do not let failures make your own predictions inaccurate.

    In addition, when playing Asian handicap bets, players can also participate in halftime bets. Many teams tend to end the match within the first 45 minutes. Meanwhile, there are also intense matches where the teams will explore and study each other. Therefore, the first half often ends in a draw. Players can choose to analyze halftime bets to test their skills and increase their chances of winning early.

    Hopefully, through this article by Soi Keo Tot, you have gained a clear understanding of what Asian handicap bets are and the experience of consistently winning in these bets. Asian handicap bets are not difficult to play. With research and careful analysis, you can make the most accurate choices. Enjoy your excellent entertainment moments.

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